could you date someone whose family you don't like?

so my ex wants to try again and I'm considering it but good lord I can't stand his cousin n she's basically like his best friend 😒i don't see her often but I already know next time I do we probably will fight!! the b#$@h had the audacity to say "f#$k them kids" mind you one of them is her cousins son n she then goes not his son though like naw shawty they a package duo 😠😠 I only got 2 n she was talking junk about my daughter but yet she always in my daughter face all smiley smiley with her flaw ass smh n all this argument started cuz of me n my ex was being childish arguing on fb n she wanted to chime in and say "f#$k the bihh" so I called both of them out for it 👊👊but he of course he was quiet as a mouse n the girl always talking junk about me n I got fed up N finally called her out for it and all she could do was bring up my kids n my family N she was big mad 😂😂 but don't talk junk about me esp after you chime in on something that has nothing to do with you now im all for arguing I'll go back n forth all day but don't dare bring my kids into an adult situation..n I know we was childish af for even arguing on FB but she already know we don't mess with each other like that N when she got a response to her shyt talking she brought the wrong 2 up 😠