.....what a week 😫 26 weekers (update)


So it all started Wednesday March 7th we went to our normal US for the twins but this time we didn't get to leave. Things with Baby A had gotten worse so we got admitted and I received my first round of steroid shots. I was hooked up to monitors all night but whatever it takes to make sure my babies were ok. On Thursday we had another US to see if the steroids helped at all, they hadn't so my MFM pushed me in for a c-section Friday. On March 9th at 26 weeks and 4 days we had our daughters Tahliah Makinley weighing 1lb 1oz and Catalaya Celeste weighing 2lbs 2oz. They are both doing great and I feel so blessed. The c-section was a piece of cake to me, lol the doctors kept saying I was the best patient they'd ever had for it being my very first surgery. My husband is so excited yet scared but they were born 4 days after his bday, so he gets an amazing bday gift. I just want to say thank you to the women on here for sharing your stories, it helps a lot. And I ask that you pray for our daughters. 8

one month later and our warrior princesses and doing good. So proud of our little ladies. being a preemie mom is hard but my babies make me stronger every day, their strength gives me strength.