Can anyone give me info on my utlrasound picture?

Kelsey • 💏 1.4.14 👼 3.17.18 🌈 3.21.19

I went for my first ultrasound on Thursday and I was supposed to be 8 weeks and 3 days. First day of my last

period was January 7th and I got a positive pregnancy test February 9th. Tech said I look about 5 weeks. He had an insanely hard time finding with the intraabdominal so we had to do intravaginal. He finally found the teeny tiny sac. I was an emotional wreck once he said he couldn't find it and once he said 5 weeks, I tuned everything out. I assumed the worst(I'm stupid, I know). He said not to worry, everything measures perfectly to 5ish weeks.... can anyone tell me what they think is in the middle? just the yolk sac? I can't tell what a fetal pole would look like. He's having me come in in two weeks. Does this sound/look promising or more like a miscarriage to come? 3 weeks off doesn't add up at all. my cycles are 27-29 days.