Daddy drug OD


I have two daughters 6 and 8. I recently let their dad stay at my place because he claimed he had no where to stay. Their dad and I haven’t been together in years and I’m currently in a long distance relationship, my bf said it might be an ok idea cause he’ll be able to spend time with his kids and all so I was like ok that’s a good way to see this. But I know I will regret it. Long story short we fast forward a week to Sunday afternoon the girls dad lock himself in the room and I’m cleaning and organizing things around the house while I’m on the phone. I hear glass break and a loud thump in the girls room I go to the door and yell his name and no answer the was locked so I unlock it and find their dad doubled over and a needle on the floor next to him and he’s not responding, I’m freaking out all this while the girls are in the next room where I told them to stay as I called 911. They walked me through what I should do if he wasn’t breathing which he wasn’t he took two long broken breaths till the ambulance came they gave him a med and he came to. He went to the hospital and they released him the same night. Now he’s asking me to help him with money so he can go to rehab . Here are some of the messages. Y’all tell me if I’m wrong.