Symptoms or not?

Kristen • 💍 ❤️ 10.13.17. 👼 6.30.18 👶 💕 Baby Quinn Avery born 5.8.19 💕

Today I’m 8 DPO. I had light brown spotting when I wiped yesterday and today - but not every time. I also have a white creamy CM. At 4 DPO, I had bad cramps - but never do before my period like that. I’m not due for my period until mid-week (I have longer cycles ~35 days) I’ve been having vivid dreams and crazy fatigue - but today, BFN.

I was SO thinking I was pregnant. I just dk why this is so hard. I am praying it could still be true.

Thoughts on these symptoms?! Be honest. :)