I'm not sure but I think I had a miscarriage??? *PIC*


So I'm on the pill and I always take it, if I forgot to take it my boyfriend and I don't have sex because the women in my family get preggers really easily (My mom got pregnant with me and my brother even though my dad is basically sterile), and I in no way am in a position to have a baby. But my last period was really weird. For two (2!!!) weeks before my period was supposed to come I had crazy mood swings and I was absolutely ravenous and I was craving ropa vieja from Mi Apa, but I really don't like Mi Apa like at all. Then my period was almost six days late, and when it did show up it was weird. Like I was on and off bleeding when usually its pretty straightforward, light to heavy to light. And then I was at school changing my pad because I felt like I had just had a leak, and there was this on my pad.

I never have clots that big. I wear an overnight pad because I hate leaks, and my period can be really heavy, so the pad is kind of diminishing the size, but it was huge. I'm not sure but I think it was a miscarriage, but I wanted to know if y'all think it was too.