I think I might had a miscarriage


So me and my now ex did it a while back maybe about the middle of January. So anyways something happened that he might have got his cum in me🙄 so we freaked out and we kept telling ourself I don’t think got any in you. So anyways I missed a period😩so I’m like okay it’s just late (I usually get them at the end of every month) so I waited about a week and still no period. So I took a pregnancy test it was positive. So I’m like no no this can’t be so a week later I took another one and it came out negative. So I tell myself I’m good I’m good I’m not pregnant but still no period so I was still freaking out I’ve missed like two periods by now so of course I was freaking out. So I take another test and still negative but I still think that other line was showing. So finally after missing two periods I finally got my period and I was so happy but it didn’t seem right, I had spotting the first maybe three days to maybe a week and then I just started bleeding like crazy😫 I had blood clots and the worst craps I have ever gotten, I’d put a tamp in and the craps just got worse and I didn’t even put it up far, and not to mention I was just crying pretty much everyday. But all this didn’t down on me till now that I might of had a miscarriage! Any opinions?