Boyfriend hates my family

Sorry this is long I just need to vent....So my boyfriend HATES my sister and her fiancé. When my boyfriend and I were two years into dating my sisters new boyfriend (now fiancé) went into my laptop when I wasn’t home (my sister gave him my password) and went through all my messages and pictures. Some pictures weren’t extremely personal and so were the messages. Well he got mad because he saw messages of me venting about my sister to my boyfriend and he got pissed and told me off when I got home and told my dad about the pictures. (We we’re both over 18) He lied saying he didn’t go through my stuff but my sister finally came clean. They still continue to bring up some of the stuff they saw even though it’s been two years. My boyfriend and I never got an apology or anything and has a strained relationship with my parents because of what my sisters boyfriend said. Well my boyfriend is still mad because he feels so disrespected by them and he feels he can’t trust them. My sister is getting married to the guy. They caused so much of a strain on my relationship yet they get their happily ever after. I know I shouldn’t of had anything on my laptop or kept those things but I still feel so violated and hate the thought of being related to the guy. I just don’t know how to deal with all this.