Shocker—-baby due in April and 3 year old diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes!!!!


The same week my mom suddenly died my 3 year old ends up in the ICU and is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Which I was like, what’s that mean?!? That means shots of insulin before he can eat anything, guessing how many carbs he will eat to dose the insulin, and then panicking because the insulin that is keeping him alive is also super dangerous and can kill him?!? I feel like my like is OVER! Carefree days of sleeping in, or just taking off to go on a day trip are a thing of the past. I know have to stab my child 12+ times a day to keep him alive and make sure he doesn’t die?!? WTF?!?

I pray and pray that he will be healed by GOD, but unsure if I am doing it right, and or will my prayers be answered.

My whole life feels shatter. My mom, my best friend gone, my baby’s sick, and I have another in the way in 30 days. It was going to be hard enough with a new baby and now I will have to juggle all this stuff too? And what about his life? All the restrictions he has and planning he will have to do just to survive on a day to day basis? I don’t know what to do and feel like giving up.