Middle name for Arabella?

Carolina • Baby girl due August 2019💗🌈👶🏼 Mama to Millie Valentina 7/13😭🤍

I’m not so much for the classic (yet beautiful) marie, rose, lynn, jane, rae, mae, etc. I’m all about somewhat-unique but not completely out there🤷🏼‍♀️🙈 My boyfriend and I are pretty set on Arabella for a girl if we ever manage to successfully get pregnant 😢 Would love help with a middle name!! Everyone on here always have such great suggestions! Thank you!!🌺💖🌸

(Other girl names we like are Camila Belle or Leonie Belle, but Arabella Belle doesn’t work obviously😅😂, and Arabella is kind of our favorite out of the three first names)

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