weird stuff! please read!


my fiance was cooking dinner last night and he was making eggs. 4 out of 6 of the eggs he made where double yolks. we where both freaking out because we are superstitious. we want a baby terribly and we believe that 4 double yolks eggs may mean something. like twins? who knows.

but then my best friend of 8 years calls me this morning and tells me she's pregnant. she sent me pictures of all kinds of tests. all mega positive. no questions needed. absolutely no doubts.

then later on my other friend Jess texts me saying she's 95% SHES pregnant with her third baby. weird problem is that she had her tubes tied about a year ago. there is always that slight chance the procedure didn't work or her body healed itself.

I also believe in things happening in three's. so maybe both my friends getting pregnant might mean something for me. I can only hope so.

what do you think??