Could I be pregnant?


Hey ladies! So, I've been on trinessa lo since October. My boyfriend and I have been together since I started the pill. I've never missed a dose, and I always take it at the same time. We had sex March 5th, and he did come inside me. This was my 4th day of fertility based on my cycle. 2 days until ovulation. When I got up the next morning morning I had pink spotting. My period ended the Sunday, before, so my question is, could this be a sign of implantation bleeding, or just the aftermath of rougher sex than usual? My boyfriend is the largest I've ever had, and he has made me bleed before, but not a pink spotting like this, and not, as of now, for 5 days, sporadically. Am I overreacting? I know it's early, but I took a test and it says negitive.