Polysistic ovaries or polysistic ovary syndrome?

Nicole • Elijah’s Mommy 💙

I had a scan back in December.. the doctor referred me to a gynaecologist .. I saw the gynaecologist today and he told me I had polysistic ovaries. He said to continue ttc but if it gets to 2 years with no luck then come back and then he will do other tests like an hsg and to see if I’m ovulating etc. But I thought with polysistic ovaries you don’t ovulate anyway? He was basically acting like it’s not a problem. I asked if it will make it harder conceive and he basically said yeah but not much. He said seeing as I’ve had one baby (he’s 1) there shouldn’t be a problem having another one. I understand that there’s a difference between polysistic ovaries and the syndrome. But he didn’t do any other tests, he didn’t check my hormones, he didn’t want to check to see if I’m ovulating. So how am I supposed to know which one I’ve actually got? He just said it can cause irregular periods, extra hair growth and difficulty getting pregnant. He asked if I have any of those symptoms and I said no. He said keep trying and he’ll do all those tests once it’s been 2 years. I’m just completely confused? Isn’t he supposed to do tests to see if I’ve actually got the syndrome? Should I just treat it like I’ve got the syndrome? Helpppp!!