Anxious to be TTC

Kayleigh • Oaklyn Jean 1/28/19 💓 Wife to Mike 💍👨‍👩‍👧 Fur Mommy to Rudy and Kiya 🐶

So TECHNICALLY we are not TTC until May, but I went of my BC and started taking prenatals at the end of January to get my baby making body in tip top shape.

We want the timing to be perfect which I know is not likely to happen. I’m a teacher and since we (in the US) do not get paid maternity, I want to ideally give birth before going on summer vacation.

I’m getting this overwhelming urge to just start trying during my next ovulation window. The women in my family are Fertile Myrtle’ in my mom, aunt, grandmother and GG ALL got pregnant with ALL their children first try every time. I’m feeling panicked like it won’t be that easy for me.

I basically just want to know I’m not alone in feeling crazy about “waiting for the right time”. I only have to get through one more cycle until we start actually trying...the baby fever is REAL. Am I crazy? Should I just slow my roll and stick to the plan? Should my husband and I say f*ck it and just do the baby dance whenever and wherever and see what happens? Ugh.