Is That Normal

Nyhree • Mommy to a angel in Heaven ❤️ Rainbow baby arrived 10-17-18 ❤️

So today I had my first prenatal appt or whatever youd like to call it. & My Dr took 2 viles of blood. Now I dont usually feel sick, seeing blood doesnt bother me, it didnt hurt. I literally am perfectly okay with getting blood drawn, its no biggie. But today for whatever reason, as she was in the middle of taking my blood, my heart randomly started racing to where I felt like I was losing my breath. I didnt feel light headed or anything. It just all of a sudden felt like I ran laps around the building 😂 Here we are hours later & Ive felt a bit under the weather all day since then. Ive eaten, Ive been drinking water, ginger ale, & juice. I just feel like total shit now. Is any of this normal?