Sex during pregnancy??

So I am 11 weeks pregnant, and I have nooo sex drive at all. Maybe once a week ill suddenly want it, but every other time nope. We have sex maybe once every 2 weeks, then i give him handjobs once a week, maybe twice.

I literally dont want to do anything at all, not even cudddle or kiss, let alone anything sexual, and I can tell hes getting upset/frustrated.

This is our 2nd baby so he knew what to expect, with our first we didnt have sex at all in the first 3 months so he should be pleased hes got it a few times lol.

I just dont know how to get him to understand how i feel. He obviously doesnt try make me do anything i dont want too, but doesnt mean i cant tell hes upset.

I am still constantly throwing up, barely eaten for weeks, i feel drained have no energy and just all over feel gross. So the thought of anything physical puts me off. Once our daughter goes to bed I just want to lay down and rest.

Someone tell me im not the only one?