I need parenting advice!!!


My babies father recently visited his son for the first time 3 weeks ago, my son will be 1 on the 21st. He lives about one hour away in a different state... everytime I try to have a conversation about what he plans on doing from this point forward.. he brings up that I need to let me get him one weekend because taking the hour drive to see him is too much.. I’m not comfortable with that for multiple reasons.. one I don’t know where he lives n he doesn’t want to tell me. He smokes weed and I don’t want anyone smoking around my child once so ever and he lives with his other bm and they have 4 kids having my son will make 5 and they drive a Ford Escape which seats 5 ppl in no way will that work with 4 kids and two adults let alone my son.. but when I voice my opinion all I get his attitude about how he never smokes around his kids which he has posted multiple videos of him doing such and that he says arguements is that he has kids and he know how to take care of them and I’m trippin... he says I’m bullshitting him but these are things I’m not okay with and there is others but do y’all think I’m over reacting or how should I handle it