Sex is my relationship 😞


Mommies, I need some advice.. I’m 28+3 today &’ from here since I’ve gotten pregnant, I haven’t had the urge to have sex.. it’s just not a desire or does it feel comfortable.. it’s hindering my relationship bad to where we argue because I don’t want to have sex and it just makes me feel bad my boyfriend.. I’m depressed about it, I feel disgusted &’ when I do give it to him all I do is lay there and he doesn’t like that.. but I just can’t do anything more.. I just can’t.. I don’t want to be touched &’ he doesn’t understand &’ tells me, “you gotta understand if I don’t get it I get mad and most people will go find it somewhere else.” Then say “Not that I’m going to do it” but it’s been occasions I’ve found girls numbers in his phone about wanting them to come to his apartment (MY) &’ he would meet up w/ them but never would.. even tried talking to the girl at his hotel he works at of town at.. I’m just at a spot where I don’t want to do this with him anymore because it stresses me so much! But I love him &’ for the sake of my son I put up with a lot.. I’m scared and don’t know what to do. 😔