The $6.1 Millon Break-up


Recently, I saw a story (true story and recent event) about a man who won a $6.1 million jackpot playing the lottery. He had been with his girlfriend for quite some time and they loved playing the lottery together. When they won, they always split the winnings. It was something they had always done and they played very often. Well, when he won the $6.1 million, he didn't tell her and basically up and left her. Now, she is claiming that she wants half and is suing him for it. Both sides DO have a case per the lawyers who were speaking on it. His lawyer had said that she has no grounds because they aren't married and that she is basically riding on the jury pitying her. Her lawyer claimed that it was an agreement/pattern that was made and even if it was made via text, it was an agreement/pattern nonetheless. Also, her lawyer pointed out that she could have contributed the money and it could have came out of her account. Granted, this has much more legal depth to it but based off of the information here...what should happen with the money?

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