bipolar...can anyone help?


I just have a question. Can someone that has never been diagnosed as being bipolar or says he hasn't tried to convince you that YOU are crazy? My friend is about to end our friendship because I made a stupid decision because we had already had a discussion about a certain date and plans and I NEVER listen to anything he says. He's trying to convince me that we had a conversation about an upcoming concert on March 31 and he "says" that he told me he could not go because he has a prior commitment. We NEVER had a conversation about going to the concert that day since December and why would I make plans for us to go that day IF he told me he already had plans? The conversation NEVER happened, but I don't listen to anything he says. I know this conversation didnt happen. Now he's telling me that if I can't change the date our friendship is done because I don't ever listen. Also, he will scream at me and later he acts like it never happened. Please help. Thanks!