I don’t know what’s going on with him


I recently started dating this guy. He’s my boyfriend now. He’s been almost perfect in all aspects until the last 2 months. It’s only been about 5 months since we have been together so for him to completely change who he is is making me question; has he lost interest now?

He doesn’t show me affection anymore, he never buys me gifts for special occasions even though I go all out, he barely sees me, he’s always online but the minute I reply he goes offline for ages, he doesn’t say words of affirmation anymore or anything sweet, sex is almost a myth.

I don’t understand; I’ve remained the same as I was in the beginning so why the change? Whenever I want to talk to him about these little things he calls me silly and dismisses them so I question myself if I’m overreacting?

It’s just really heartbreaking because he knew what I was like from the beginning; I really appreciate the sweet words and affection, I enjoy sex, etc and now for it to come to a stop it’s like I’m dating another man who I would never have dated if he was like this from the beginning.

Is it me? Or has he lost interest? Or is there someone else..?