21 and my first pregnancy


so today is my birthday! i didn't know what group to put this in, but im also in my first trimester so i thought why not. i dont actually turn 21 til 649am if im being exact. and let me tell you, im a recovering alcoholic so i dont mind that i cant drink on my 21st birthday. but this is one of my most stressful since im also pregnant. my husbands family all knows. they either give me advice and let me talk about it...or pretend its not happening. which sucks because my husbands sister is 6 weeks ahead of me and its all they talk about and how they are excited for her. i dont even think his family knows its my birthday...not that it matters. however my family doesnt lnow im pregnant (only my sister does who my parents dont talk to her because she got pregnant at 20). anyway, it hurts a lot and stresses me out that i basically have to keep my pregnancy quiet to everyone in hsi family except like 2 people. i dont want that. this is my first pregnancy and we have been trying for a year. but everyone looks down on me. so although im excited for my bday and my pregnancy im also stressed about it and hurt. am i over reacting or is it fine to feel this way? i dont know. just hurts a ton. his gma thinks i only got pregnant cuz his sister did. but if im 6 weeks behind her and i found out she was pregnant 2 weeks ago...thats not possible. my hubby wanted me to keep it a secret from them till we move and maybe even after that. im done being a secret and feeling like my baby needs to be. especially today i will talk about my baby and me. i dont think thats selfish