Hospital scare

Mary • Wife , Mother to my 2 old son 3/17/17 and 1 year old Daughter 5/10/18

I'm 29+6 weeks today. Sunday I got up started contractions. Figured they were Braxton. They started getting worse and close together. I took a warm shower, laid down, took Tylenol everything they say to do. I was still having constant insanely painful contractions. At this point it had been going on for about 2 hours and they were about 2 mins apart. my ob had me go to labor and delivery. Luckily I was not dialated or anything like that but they were worried because they have me several meds and fluids and it never stopped them. They admitted me and it took two days of constant pain meds to finally get them to stop. So far it looks like I will still be going home today with my girl still in my womb and I'm super grateful. But my doctors were glad I came in because they said if I had stayed home it could have very easily turned into preterm labor. Trust your gut, even if you think it's nothing, go in its always better safe than sorry. Pic attached is my girl, so ready to see that face but I can wait until she's term