Storytime I’m shook


So I’ve been hooking up with this guy friend. It’s didn’t start off to great but I started actually talking to him about how if he still wants to he’s gotta learn some new stuff Bc it’s boring. So he planned to come over yesterday I’d mess with him say he’s all talk he isn’t gonna do anything freaky...yesterday he came over we we just talking I got up to fix something and all the sudden he’s up with his hand around my throat. “My heads like 😋🤩😍😍” he was kissing me walking backwards to the bed first I’m up against it and he put his hands around my thighs. I was in my head like “oh no no no no he’s gonna try and pick me up” I’m not small petite body i know my figure and weight...

Believe me or not I’m 5’8 and weigh 265.... I did not want him to pick me up Bc some people may not think I weigh that much buut it’s the truth. I did not think he was gonna be able to hold me he’s 6’0 weighing 169 very skinny almost looks lanky Bc he has like no fat it’s all muscle so when he picked me up and held me for a little this b!tchh was shook lemme tell you it scared me not gonna lie on my way up I was like don’t try it put me down no. It’s the next morning and I’m still shook. Definitely not used to being picked up. That’s the real part of the storytime but yesterday he did all the things he said he would and was probably the best hook up with him by far so I’m happy and shook