weight gain durring pregnancy?????

hi ladies! i just found out i am pregnant about 2 weeks ago!!!!!! i am so happy and excited!! but my question is... is it nomal to be gaining weight this fast? i read that gaining a lot of weight durring the first trimester is no normal or healthy. i might just be worrying myself more than i need to but i went from being 63kg (138lb) to 66kg (145lb) this morning :( i was 63 before i found out and in 2 weeks i went up a lot on the scale!! my eating habits have remained the same i have not had any cravings or anything and ive even cut back on soda because i want my baby to be as healthy as can be, but that has not stopped me from putting on kilos! im scared that i might be at the start of an unhealthy pregnancy? did any of have something like this happen?