OMG I’m pregnant!

Iliana • Fist time mum 🤰🏼

Me and my husband wanted so much one day to be parents, however we weren’t trying for a baby yet. I just downloaded the “glow” app in the weekend so that I can keep on top of things and know my expected period and ovulation dates but at that point I realised that my period was a little bit late plus I was feeling quite nauseous so I thought I’d do a test to check! And OMG I’m pregnant! 🙈 Was such a shock but at the same time such a blessing! We are absolutely thrilled! 💕 Eventually I didn’t have to keep the “glow” app longer than 2 days on my phone as from now on I’ll be using the “<a href="">nurture</a> glow”! Wow first time mommy! 🤪