Never expected this... How Blessed are we!

Angel • Mama,Wife, pet wrangler and probably a superhero.

My husband and I honestly thought we were infertile, or that maybe one of just had an undiagnosed problem with fertility... We have tried for a long while and as soon as we just start enjoying each other and start making plans to take travel and buy a home etc. I see this! I took a test last night, clear positive lines. I sobbed out of nervousness and my husband comforted me. Im a worst case scenario sort of girl. This one is from this morning and I can still barely believe it...I’ve seen so many positives on here that I just truly thought I’d spend the rest of my life being happy for the beautiful women around me! As much as we want our own children, we also want to adopt so having children was always a definite thing, but to think now we could really have one of our own!? My heart is so full. If any of you are God fearing or just want to send good energy our way, WE NEED IT! I love this is community and I wish baby blessings on everyone out there! Love from us! (Jake and Angel and all are pet babies)