Man sized toots


Long story short I figured out my 7 week daughter has a milk intolerance. So I quit eating any dairy while we slowly switch her over to special formula.

With the dairy being cut out my daughter has stopped pooping as much as she was. she was having small farts with small amounts of poop's. Totally normal and Doctor says it was fine. Now that I've switched to dairy free she poops one big poop a day and has had serious gas. The gas is painful for her, she wakes up crying and arching her back in pain. We massage her tummy, stretch her legs, and use gas drops. I'm going to call in the morning about probiotics but I just wanted to see if any moms out there have any advice or maybe have dealt with something like this

And these toots are loud and super long, like my so and myself are seriously in shock how loud these are.

Thanks guys