Another Cheating post lol

Joanaé • Mom to Baby Barz

I have seen a lot of post about cheaters and yes cheating is wrong but sheesh if watching porn, liking a photo on social media, or giving a queen a compliment is cheating, well it looks like I'm a Flintstone. For anyone that makes the choice to take my opinion personal here is my disclaimer: Get over it! Lol no really just get over it. I don't feel like watching porn is cheating...I watch it with my husband from time to time. When we see good looking women and I say "Wow babe her butt is awesome" or "She is so pretty" I don't get upset if he agrees just like I don't get upset if he disagrees. I don't care what pics he likes cause I don't go searching for that information and I don't make it my business to assume my husband is less than the man I married. I don't hold stereotypes like "All men are dumb" or "All men are dogs" against my husband. I know that I can't be ALL woman so if he wants to look at a big booty girl on the screen WHO CARES? I guess because I provide my husband with much more than looks that it just doesn't bother me or make me feel less than. So to all you queens , know your worth. If anyone cheats on you it's not YOU it's them!