Best friend?

Sara • #Godisgreat

My best friend and I are always super open and honest with each other and he’s liked me for about a year now and I liked him before but he didn’t want to mess up our relationship so we didn’t date and I moved on but now I think I have feelings for him again and he’s amazing. I know he would treat me like a queen. He’s amazing. He’s smart and funny and cute and just so amazing and Christian like me. He’s stuck by me in thick and thin, helping me even if it hurt him to do it (relationships). I don’t know what to do. I’m almost scared to date him because what if this amazing person isn’t for me? What if I lose my best friend? He’s amazing and says that he’s never felt this strongly for anyone outside of family and that he’s scared to lose me, he never wants to lose me and I’m one of a kind. That even though I can’t see it I’m amazing. Every time I say I’m stupid, fat, ugly, or anything like that he says the opposite 3 times more. Smart, pretty, funny, adorable, talented, nice, patient, amazing, beautiful, all of it. I don’t know what to do. Anybody been in a similar situation with their best friend???? Help!!