hi lovely ladies. need advice please


am going try to write this as short as i can. well last year i was pregnant to my bf but i had hg which i was in and out of hospital and it got to the point i was very ill and my weight was under 5 stone. they did try everything for me but they told me if i continue with the pregnancy it either me or baby or both of us die or have bad health as my organs were failing. yes i dont believe in abortions after other pregnancys i had miscarriages. But i need to be alive for my nearly 7 year old son but he adorted ( sorry cant spell) but that story is long but all you need to know is i was very young and in a bad place with his dad and other stuff ps no drugs anyway . So i had a surgery in November to remove the baby. Since then i havent had a proper period. I did a post on here as i dont want to go through more pain of pregnancy that wont go through full term. I cant carry girls and i was very emotional and am still am. That maybe god as punishment me for my mental health and maybe that why i cant be a mam again. So i decided to have my tubes tied but i did went to the doctors and she said i cant have one and am still young and maybe in future i will try again. I was disappointed but anyway she said i can go on the pill so i said yes. I been on tablet pill for a month. And i only had sex 3 times this month and used condom. We normally have a great sex life but sex is very painful and am over due with my smear so we stopped having sex. But then this is why am doing a post. My dog been very close to me and i did got stress as normally she only do that when i have fits. But pass few weeks she been very close and protecting me and wants hugs. I did got worried as i thought she be poorly but she not. Then i got confused as she started to lay on my belly. Sniffing and licking my bottom of my belly/ pelvic  and i did think maybe she knows something is wrong as i really thought i might have cancer. Yes i do think negative but anyway our lad rub my belly and joking about maybe your pregnant. I told him dont be daft cant get pregnant when am on the pill and you use condoms dopey. So 2am this morning i couldnt sleep as i feel bit poorly i feel like i got a cold and a bug including sweating feeling sick and tired but cant sleep at night.  I thought it could be my medications but my dog keep looking at me and i was talking to her telling her what is wrong she put her paw on my belly. I said to her what is it she just keep looking at me and licking me. Yes i was talking to my dog she my baby. But anyway i thought right it pointless but am doing a test anyway as am overthinking if something bad is wrong. 2mins later boom i can see very very pink line but when i take a picture i cant see it. Am shaking i dont know what to think or do. Is it just my body or is it fake test. If i am how is that even possible. As any ladies has this ever happened to you. Please no negative comments. I got alot going on but people who read this thank you for taken the time to read my post