husband with a broken heart๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”mi

UPDATE!!!!!today my husband got his heart broken by his daughter.......So this weekend they both had a conversation, about her not wanting to come to the house every week like the court suggested she wanted to come every two weeks during the weekend. my hubby told her that she needed to be sure because we had plans for buying tablets and he wasn't going to be buying one for her since she wasn't going to come as often, and she said she was going to think about it..... so today he called her after school to see how she did....well the baby mama answer and started telling my hubby that he always tried buying the girl with nice stuff and he never heard what the girl had justto say. Well she started accusing him of never caring about his daughter when he is always there in every school even in every school reward assembly.. even if he misses work.

He for me is a great dad even to my kids that are not his. He is that kind of person that will not cry but he will smoke and not eat. I fell so use less. FYI ....her mom is so controlling of my stepdaughter to the level that when her mom tells her to say something my daughter will tell us and then tell us that her mom is telling to say or do those stuff and when we confront her with the girl in front you can see the fear in my stepdaughter eyes...i don't know what to do right now about the tablets.....after Christmas both my kids and his were asking for one so we gave them goals that they had to accomplish before spring break in order to get a tablet well they all made there goals..and he does not want to buy a tablet for his daughter because if she comes every two weeks he wants to enjoy the time with her and he cells that a tablet might just take that time away...that is how he thinks....but about the controlling part I have always known that the mom tried separating my husband and I using her daughter...i fell like my relation ship has been average by the BM and not us because it's the best for her daughter.