boyfriend said he ranks higher than me in our home. *UPDATE*

to make a long story short, my bf just said because he works outside the home, it's considered working more. and because he works more, he gets more leeway and free time than I do. he said he ranks higher in this home than me. I take care of him, our 3 yr old (who has night terrors so i dont sleep) and the house. mind you, it has to be literally spotless or he freaks out and yells. no toys on the floor, mop and vacuum everyday, etc. I'm not sure how to take this? somebody say something? I can't ever say anything because he says conversations are win or lose and that's it, and I'm not able to say anything unless I'm answering his questions. what do you think? cuz I ha e no idea what I think rn.... *UPDATE* - this morning he wakes up, and instead of snapping at me and our son, he starts talking to me about fucking rhinos... and kissed me on the forehead when he went to go get his check. trying to act like he wasn't a completely mentally abusive fuck tard... I'm pissed today. I have no positive emotion for him today. mentally shut off almost? fml you guys.. I know everyone is going to tell me to leave but I can't without screwing myself over. his family has a lawyer at their command and they're all cops.