Men with no sex drive pleaaassee help!!!

Ok so me and my fiancé have been together for about a year and a half and he has no sex drive.. and it’s not his age bec were early 20s but like damnnnn only having sex 1x every month sucks.. and it’s not even like good sex so afterwards I have to leave the bedroom and finish up. We use to have a really good sexual relationship and now it’s like pulling teeth asking for a kiss.. I’m scared we won’t even have sex the night we get married bec to me that’s just kinda what you do and most men are excited for it but I have to ask to make sure we will bec it scares me. And what happens when we try for a baby?? We’re just gonna have sex 1x on my fertile window and hope it sticks???

It’s making me feel ugly and awkward and even are friends notice it.. one of my good friends literally asked me if we even have sex bec there’s just no evidence that we do. I’ve tried talking to him probably 100x and he just says he’s never in the mood but he watches porn everyday. I’ve tried getting him sex toys and everything and I feel like our marriage just won’t work if there’s no intimacy. And he just gets mad when I ask for sex..

Someone give me some advice bec I’m going crazy!!!!!