What to feed baby?


So I live in Turkey and I have a five and a half month old, I will start feeding him soon and I want to do baby led weaning. My problem is I don’t really know what can I give him. Yes, I have a doctor I can ask for, problem is doctors in Turkish have very much the same recommendations for everyone (I know a lot of other mums with kids close to my son’s age): first a couple spoons of yougurt (plain yougurt) per day, then you give them fruit juice, and then you basically feed them mostly soups for the first year of life (with a couple other things like yougurt here and there).

None of this foods are baby led weaning appropriate and I don’t know of a pediatrician who advocates baby led weaning. So, what foods can I start giving my son at six months?? What does your pediatrician recommends?? What did you give your children??