I’m embarrassed and need Help!! TMI

I’m 6 months pregnant & ive been noticing this discharge since I was 2 months. It started off odorless and slightly green and only occurred every now and then, but now it’s daily! It’s really thick and it switches between this pastel green to pale yellow and white. It’s thick, chunky, clumpy, slimy and it comes out excessively during sex. The best way to describe the smell is like... putting bread in your vagina. Doesn’t smell gross or bad, but strong!!! So needless to say I don’t really like my husband in that area.

Back to when it first started I thought I had a yeast infection even though there was no itch, so I bought monistat and it didn’t work. There’s still no itch so I’m just lost as to wtf is going on!!!

I mentioned this to my dr early on when there was no odor and he said it’s normal. (He never checked it out) But now that the amount and smell has changed I’m wondering if this is a problem or just due to pregnancy like he said. Anyone experiencing the same things???? Does this sound normal to any of you because I’m over it!!! My husband has been super sweet about it, but he’s not the best at hiding his face when he sees it all over his penis after sex 😳😅🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️