So, nobody ever responds to anything I post, but I guess it’s worth a shot... I’m nauseous a lot.. no matter what time of day, whether I eat or not.. sex hurts, foreplay doesn’t.. and when af comes, I have really bad cramps.. only the first day. 2nd day and days after, it doesn’t bother me.. I don’t know if my period is considered heavy, it seems heavy to me.. It’s been about the same since I had my miscarriage last year in March so I guess it’s normal.. family has mentioned getting tested for endometriosis.. you ladies that have been diagnosed with it, did you have these symptoms? How do they test for it? I need so many answers... my doctor won’t listen to me, she just prescribes me with something she thinks will help and she’s done..

& I don’t know what group to put this in, sorry..