Now I can start to heal


February 14, 2018 was the worst day of my life. It was the day my fiance and I found out our baby didn't have a heartbeat. The baby was tried so hard for and wanted so badly. Our first baby was there one minute and gone the next. Just a few short weeks we had our little baby. We had so many plans and dreams for that baby. But so quickly it was taken away. We never even got a picture to remember it by. That was the hardest part not having again to represent our lost child because even for that short time we were parents to that baby. When someone dies at least you have pictures to look back on and memories of time spent together. I had nothing but the thoughts in my head of what could have been. I was so afraid to let go of the pain I was feeling because it was all I had. I was scared once the pain was gone it was like it never happened. I just received this amazing necklace that has the birthstone of when my baby would have been born and an angle wing and a foot print. Now I have something to keep close to me and to remember my angle baby forever. Even though I never met you I loved you so much I still love you so much. For that short time I was a mom something I've longed for, for so long. This necklace will finally help me heal and move forward with my journey to my rainbow baby 🌈