I am so tired of seeing females not get what they deserve for themselves !! EVERYONE is amazing in their own way there is no reason and no excuses not to love yourself !! YOU know who you are and YOU know what you've accomplished be proud of yourself ! You are beautiful in your own way funny in your own way unique because you're YOU and there is nobody else who is exactly the same !! Believing in yourself can change your life !! Get out of that bad relationship get those better grades go for what you want and what you think you can't do !! You can change your own life by believing in yourself and LOVING yourself *YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND TO BOND WITH THE PERSON WHO WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU : YOURSELF* !! So many girls do not go for what they deserve and except how they THINK they should be treated and I am so tired of it ! Every day is a new day to wake up and change your mind set , yourself , and your life !! Do not waste your days being unhappy be empowered and enlightened instead !! I wish everyone would believe in theirself more !! Comment your motivation your struggle the situation you're going through or a time you had to find your inner strength or just your opinion!! We should all be motivating each other and recognizing our own and others accomplishments !

^^ One of the most inspiring videos ive seen if any woman needs motivation !!