Phone/Video Chat Sex?!

Tonight Me And My Other Half Decided We Were Going To Try Video Sex Since He's Down Home Right Now (family death) And Won't Be Back Til April 9th. he took leave to spend it with his family. we sext last night but that wasn't really enough so for the 1st time ever for both of us were gonna do cybersex so I'm a lil nervous ima look foolish so could I get some advice on how to look sexy nd well tips on how to use the toys he wants me to use (non vibrating dildo). I'd appreciate some guidance on how to go about starting this. Oh What He wants Me To Do Is Call Him Directly After I shower so I'm Still Dripping Wet In A Towel. Idk Why But That's What He Wants Me To Look Like Lol. So Please Any Advice Would Help So I Don't Look Dumb Or Feel Embarrassed. Thank You In Advance Ladies