Visiting time

I guess I'm just frustrated a little bit. My boyfriend wants everyone to visit the baby almost right after he is born. He saying like 30 minutes after. I try to say I will not want visitors at the time seeing as I just would have pushed a baby out of me, which is a huge task. Obviously I will be exhausted, hungry, in pain, etc. I will not want to have 8+ people coming in and out of the room at that time. I say these things and my boyfriend just says well its my baby too. Obviously its your baby too, but its my body. Its me, not you, doing this massive task. Its not too much to ask for a few hours before people start packing in. The hospital only allows 3 at a time in the room, but I will want my rest and even that many at a time, I just don't want right away. I don't know what to say to get him to understand. He just gets defensive about how its his family and his baby too. Like sorry I just want some recovery time. 🙄😥