abortion pill question

So I took the pills on Saturday. Had cramps (but not too terrible - though I had a heating pad on me all day), diarrhea, very small clots (super tiny) and then bleeding slowed down a little. I've been fine except worried that the pills didn't work. Just a few moments ago I just dropped a clot almost as long as a finger and maybe as thick as a thumb. I couldn't inspect it too well cause it was in the toilet but it looked almost like it wasn't just a clot, maybe tissue material... Idk. I feel fine, except a small pressure (or maybe it's emptiness) in my lower groin/belly area. (Probably just my mind playing tricks on me) anyway could this long clot tissue thing have been the final passing of the pregnancy? I mean it's been days since the pills. Could it be possible? I'm not sure what exactly I'm supposed to be looking for. (my check up isn't until next week)