BF meltdown


My 3 week old babe has been feeding for 4 hours now, and is still coming off the breast starving. I folded and gave her 2.5 oz of pumped milk and she’s still hungry. When I was in the hospital, she cluster fed for 12 hours, stopped peeing and pooping and dropped weight because my milk hadn’t come in yet. She’s hitting her marks in the pee and poop department, but I can’t help but feel guilty and paranoid. I know increasing my supply is done with putting her to the breast more, but i feel like she’s not getting enough, so she’s feeding for hours, and nothing is changing. I pump after feedings also and I’ll get between 0.75 and 2 oz from both breasts dependent on time of day/feeding. My right is significantly less than my left (like 0.5 from right and 2 oz from left this afternoon), and I’m worried it’s not pulling it’s weight. I never really felt the “let down” so I’m not sure if that’s not happening and causing a problem too. I’m not willing to give this up, but I’m feeling so overwhelmed and down on myself. TIA, all and any advice is welcome.

On a better note, her smiles are contagious

**Update!** baby girl gained 10 oz in a week! What an amazing way to bring me peace of mind lol