Hubby P*sses me Off!

Before I start venting let me just say I've been with this man for 3yrs & I do love him very much, he's just drives me crazy sometimes.

Ok I feel like I'm doing everything & he gets off easy. it's starting to piss me off cuz he thinks he's entitled to everything. Right now I'm a SAHM & I make spare money selling makeup. I'm also collecting unemployment. He's on disability & workman's comp due to an accident almost 10yrs ago. He's full functioning, can walk & take care of himself. We have an 18 month old baby girl. Usually I work & he stays home but in the last couple months it's switched.

When I worked it was my responsibility to clean house, cook, do dishes, & take care of baby when I get home PLUS I had the "honor" of waiting on hubby when I was home too. My hubby's responsibility was to take care of baby while I worked & take out the trash & vacuum if I got lucky, plus take care of the dog. Now that I'm not working I do all chores besides trash {on most days} PLUS take care of baby 24/7. No problem right? Yea, if he's WORKING! He won't keep a job if he don't like it. Now he has a job opportunity in MN in April that we're going to but I've never known him to keep a job longer than 3 months. That's why I work in the family. So ain't nobody consistently working now & this mofo play games on his phone all day & sometimes works on the house or truck but be sitting on his ass telling me to feed the baby, change the baby, make dinner, get him something to drink. And seriously waits for me to get it. he won't get it himself unless I throw huge fit & put him down for being so lazy. He tells me I'm the mom & wife so it's my job to take care of the baby & the home. he has too much thinking & planning in his head to help out in the home. WTF!!!! Ugh I get so pissed! I have an internet business I run on the side too. I gotta always be networking & marketing. I do live makeup tutorials too. And all I want is a lil help at home but he says he does his share

Have you ladies dealt with anything like this before? How did u handle it?