Boyfriend rant x

I saw my bf on Sunday and I haven’t spoken to him since then and he usually texts me like in the middle of the week but he hasn’t this week and I’m sad and overthinking☹️ I know that I can text him first and it shouldn’t just be him texting me all the time but I hate it and it gives me anxiety bc I start overthinking that I’m bothering him or somethig and idk. Anyway people on this app are making me even more paranoid and overthinking bc of what they’re saying bc I only see him once a week and we only text to make plans to meet and I can’t see him this weekend so maybe that’s why he hasnt texted me but that makes our relationship seem so shit and not much of a relationship. Even tho he says he loves me and that it’s about more than just sex and I know he really means it but I’m feeling sad and I keep thinking he doesn’t like me