just a little rant

I love my best friend very much. shes more like a sister. and i give her the best advice that i can when it comes to her kids. (she has a one year old and is having #2 next month) BUT THE GIRL LIKES TO SPEND MONEY. I know kids arent cheap. i have my sisters twins (2 girls both 3) 24/7 and my 7 month old. i buy their clothes and everything. i still had theor baby clothes (i was hoping for a girl someday) So me and my best friend were Talking about diapers and used baby clothes. I had some left over diapers from my son that i was going to give my best friend. they were LUVS. Y'all she has never used them a day in her life. I know everyone has a preference. but try something different you may like it better. i was explaining to her that LUVs were cheaper and they were made by the same company that makes pampers.. to me theyre better. ya know with TWO kids still in diapers id imagine she would want to save a little money and all. AND shes throwing all her 1 yr olds clothes away and getting more for the new baby. OF THE SAME GENDER. I told her i knew somebody that recently had a baby girl and was getting rid of a lot of clothes and i still have the twins old clothes. gently worn like new. but NOPE. She turned her nose up. Id take some baby clothes in a heart beat if someone was giving them to me. i didnt have to buy my son any clothes cause i was given TONS of clothes up to 12 months. ijust wouldnt take shoes. but that is ridiculous. especially when youre unemployed id take anything so my hubby wouldnt have to come out of his pockets too much. but rant over. just had to get it out my head. *****Its not her money though. i mean its not mine either but its her moms(whos diabetic, working 4 jobs, AND shes been in & out the hospital), her boyfriends (whos paying all the bills), everyone else's. shes ASKING for money to buy the stuff though..**