Could I have been wrong? Please weigh in!

My gf is always accusing me of talking to other people, cheating, “sneak dicking” and all kinds of other things. She’s always suspicious of every move I make and every person I have contact with. I guess she assumes that all females are gay too, because she doesn’t even trust me around my straight female coworkers. I’m not doing anything. I don’t entertain or even talk to a soul. So the fact that she’s always accusing me of things I don’t do, and she has zero evidence to support, makes me think that she’s the one doing the dirt. Now let me just say, she has exhibited behaviors that would make me think she was doing inappropriate things even if she hadn’t been accusing me all the time.

So last night I went through her text messages.

I have NEVER gone through a partner’s phone before, and every person I’ve ever been with in the past has cheated and done crazy grimy things.

The one person I was suspicious she had been talking to, she indeed was!!!

Only thing is, all they were talking about was me. My gf was telling this girl how amazing I am, and how much she loves me, how she trusts I’m not going anywhere and all these other amazing beautiful things.

At first I felt guilty for looking, but then I felt so relieved to find out that this woman really truly loves me and is being faithful...

But then insecurities kicked in and I started thinking what if she deletes the inappropriate convos and only keeps the good ones? What if all the cheating is on her social media that I didn’t get to go through because she came in the room too quick? Should I trust what I already found or should I do some more digging? The problem is when you go looking for the bad, you usually find it.. but this time I didn’t. Will I eventually if I keep looking?