Girls I need to Vent

It's a lot and I don't know were to begin but I need to vent badly.....

I have two little girls with my S/O and me and him are high schoolsweet hearts. He lost both his parents back to back, we moved in with my parents after loosing his mother and it wasn't the best place to ever and I mean ever raise a child to dangerous.

I ended up pregnant and he wanted me to abort, by this time he was fed up with what was going on my parents property; cops were coming a lot.

I think it was because I wasn't working and still doing school ( worked a month when we moved to sisters) but our relationship was falling and I could feel it and see it.

He got into it with my brother and left to his friends house for the night, he comes back telling me that he himself is moving into his friends house and me and my daughter had to stay at my parents house because they had no room. At this point I had a little feeling he was talking to someone but didn't have proof but there was always that feeling there lingering.

I cried and told him what does that mean for us but he told me we were still be together and he would come help out with the girls but would leave when he was tired.

I decided to save our relationship and we would move with my sister she had gotten approved for a house two story; well I let him know and I came over here first and he came a month later.

We would talk on the phone but would argue he would ignore my calls, my daughter was a month around this time. He was always with his friends drinking and celebrating for his new beginnings.

The time came when he moved out here and it was fine for a couple of days but he started getting frustrated and angry, never did anything to me but he was stresssed out and I think he was regretting the move.

Fast forward to now hes still the only one working I am a stay at home mom of two girls ages 4 and 1; still living with my sister. He's moody ignores me and doesn't even try to have a conversation, just goes upstairs to be on his phone (not texting anyone just watchong movies and YouTube)

He calls me hoe, slut, and whore I want to go to therapy to save our relationship but he will never go; because he says therapist fill you head with lies and won't help anyone.

I get financial aid from school and I am using that for daycare for the girls, I feel like I can't asking for money because he gets stressed out and sucks his teeth.

I don't know what to do I have told him if he's not happy he can go to his sister house and he says hes not going any where. I know he loves me because hes the sweets loving person and loving dad; I think he just gets in his moods like everyone gets.

But when is enough ENOUGH? I want to save this relationship but of it can't when do I let go?