Ftm, failed induction.. long story


Finally found time to write while baby napping... found out i was pregnant July 24,2017 & shocked was not the word😂😂 cause my grandma just asked me when was i gonna have kids & i said not yet my baby brother was enough & boom I’m already 6weeks.. fast forward to 26weeks where it was confirmed i was having a boy(i wanted a girl at first lol) but I was happy bout my lil man.. on Christmas <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">Eve</a> a had a real headache that would not go away then ended up wit a sinus infection(the worst).. 36+3 i had my first cervical check only to be told i was closed🤦🏽‍♀️ but baby was head down which explains all the pressure & pain i used to get between my legs & gbs test which was negative.. 37+4 blood pressure was taking 3times cause it was high hada do a urine & blood sample; no preeclampsia.. 38.5 another check & only to be half a centimeter🙄 by now I’m tired, miserable & uncomfortable & just ready for baby.. 39+3 i tried some ways to induce naturally, hot wings, pineapple, nipple stimulation, sex, walked stairs 3x skipping one & nothing.. now I’m 40weeks pregnant with no signs of labor coming at all so the next day 40+1 doctors appointment & blood pressure was high once again but this time my feet was swollen so my nurse called over to the hospital i was delivering at & the doctor said i needed to come in & be induced b4 it got worse since I was a day over.. now the real fun begins.. not😂😂.. got checked in at 1:11 & iv put in which the nurse twice to do😩 but the nurse was tryna make me laugh to keep from thinking bout it by then my mama & grandma came to sit with me including my bd.. at around 5 they decided to use two ways to try & get my labor started.. the bulb which HURT being put in & the citotec pill, they ended up discontinuing the citotec & started the pitocin bulb popped out at 9:25 so now I’m 4cm, was able to get fentanyl at 9:31 & omg it was like love in a iv 😂 bd left but grandma & mama decided to stay in case anything happens.. everyone finally was able to get some rest.. doctor came in at 5:30 checked I’m still a 4 but he broke my water & man it was so warm😂😂 but he said it was alil discolored baby decided to poop alil🙁 but he said he’ll be ok; after 16hours still no change in dilation, iv meds stopped working & i just could not take the pain anymore so i finally asked for epidural at 4:00.. let me tell you the anesthesiologist came in acting like she ain’t know what she was doing so I’m leaning over my mama in pain tryna keep calm & y’all this lady could not get the needle in right for nothing stuck me three times by that time I’m crying hard in pain, contractions keep coming hard she asked was i a bleeder which made my mama get up & look at my back & I’m bleeding out of all three holes now my mama upset & asked could she call somebody else cause she not bouta keep sticking me so two more anesthesiologist come in & the lady found a spot quick then i ended up sick for the fourth time but i can finally feel relief & try to get more sleep by 8 something my grandma decided to leave cause she had an appointment the next day.. my nurse comes in & checks my blood pressure & temperature come to find out a have a fever🤦🏽‍♀️ along with a headache so got some meds which didn’t help.. bd finally off work so it’s just him & my mama chilling with me doctor comes in at around 9pm & said since i have a fever baby was one & if i wasn’t changed next step would be csection so he checks & guess what?? Yeap no change so he goes talk to his team comes back & it’s a go, i just looked defeated cause i felt like i failed my baby but my body just would not cooperate anymore so my nurse & her helper came to get me cleaned up it all happened so fast next thing i know my mama giving me a kiss & telling my bd to keep me calm.. rolled into the OR got put on the table at 9:35pm by now I’m tryna calm myself down everyone talking to me & I’m just scared, i join in on the conversation bout March madness while they prepping me, they bring bd in & everything starts i couldn’t do none but stare at the ceiling lights while feeling tugging & pulling.. baby boy finally gets pulled out at 10:02pm

he didn’t cry at first just looked when they finally showed him to me i was in love

Even though my labor did NOT go how i wanted it too i was happy my baby came out ok.. Now trying to recover from a csection is hard as hell on day 4 & still sore but taking it easy day by day, i thank god my mama is here to help me when & if i needs it..

Daiveon Latrell Cotton

6lbs 2.3oz

Born at 10:02