I don’t know what to do 😩💔


So my boyfriend of 2 years have been acting strange with me recently, we work together and normally he talks to everyone but recently he will be laughing and talking to absolutely everyone and then as soon as I’m near by he just doesn’t say a word and that’s not like him normally he’s always coming up and talking to me

When I’m round his he also just seems more distant like he’s mostly on his phone and when I’m at my house and he’s at his he just doesn’t text me much now considering I know he’s constantly on his phone

So I spoke to him last night and he’s saying he wants to be with his friends more and I said that’s fine I don’t know why you think it’s not because for some reason he always makes it so it’s one of us so he will only be about his friends and push me away and then will push his friends away and be all about me and it doesn’t need to be like that

He’s saying he loves me and wants to be with me but he’s worried about the future because at the moment he doesn’t know what he wants in any aspect of his life.

He did this about 6 months ago and he pushed me away for weeks and weeks and then just as I thought nah I can’t do this any more he then came back and was telling me he’s sorry and he’s realised what he wants

He is a bit of a realist and is pretty practical so with anything he does he always has to be 100% sure and as soon as he has a little doubt he freaks out loads which is why he’s pushing me away, he’s clearly freaked out and something small and then freaked out about everything

My heart hurts because he’s going through this again and as much as he’s said ‘ I just need some time I’m sure it will blow over’ I’m worried it’s not going to and it’s unfair that he constantly puts me through this waiting period

He’s my first boyfriend and the guy I lost my virginity to and I love him more than anyone. I know o should just give him space and I’ve told him I will and it’s fine but I also said if he’s pushing me away and wanting space just to break up with me it’s not fair